Change Your Email in 2 Easy Steps

Email Changer service is currently not available. Please check back later.

If you don't have anymore the same email address, you can now change it with the transaction ID you received when renewing your account.

You need to have an active Gold/VIP subscription in order to be able to get a new email address set for your account. The Order ID can be found in the confirmation email for your account upgrade and is made of three (3) letters and numbers (example : BFE001000).

  1. Request for Email Change

    Fill in the form below to go to the next step.

    Old Email Address
    New Email Address
    (a confirmation email will be sent to this address)
    Order ID
  2. Confirm Your Identity

    Please note that if you have lost your email and password, and if your account is not active anymore, it won't be recovered. Only accounts which still have Gold or VIP time can have their email changed.

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