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To discuss Graal-related topics (or even non-Graal topics), head down to our Communication Center. You will need to be a Graal Gold subscriber, or a VIP Member to be able to post on the forums.

If you are not yet a Graal Gold subscriber, do begin your subscription today for a very low fee - visit our Subscription Center for details.

Graal has always revolved around player groups, better known as Guilds. We are currently upgrading our Guilds system to provide better facilities to all Graal Guilds. Visit the Guilds Headquarters for more information.

You can see gold members screenshots in the Screenshot Gallery. If you want to add your own screenshot, you have to upgrade your account.

There is now Screencast videos of the games. You will soon be able to submit your video.

There is also a Documentation for all our games, we will enjoy if you want to contribute.

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