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Guild Membership

  • You must have a Graal Classic Membership to join Guilds. A "Classic Membership" basically means that you have paid for a Graal subscription at least once before. Trial Members are not eligible for any Guild activity.
  • Currently GraalOnline does not limit the number of Guilds that a player can join. It is up Guild Leaders to find out and decide whether to accept a multi-Guild member.

Guild Creation

  • You must have an active (non-expired) Gold subscription when applying to create a Guild.
  • Each player account can be the Leader of only one Guild. Offender risks having all Guilds under his/her leadership Suspended.
  • A newly created Guild is placed in the Pending list until it achives minimum membership of 10 players. After that requirement is met, a Guild Administrator will review and activate the Guild.
  • GraalOnline Guild Administration is the sole judge of the suitability of a Guild Tag. A Tag deemed unsuitable will be placed in the 'disallowed' list, and the Guild disbanded.

Guild Management

  • Leader and members of a Guild are responsible to log in to the GuildCP at least once a month and maintain an Activity Percentile of at least 20% (i.e. at least one-fifth of the members must put on the Guild Tag in-game once a week). Failure to do so will risk the Guild being disbanded for inactivity.
  • Each Guild must have a minimum of 10 members. A Guild will immediately be Suspended if the member count drops to 9 or less. As a penalty, the Guild must recover to a minimum of 15 members within one week. Otherwise, the Guild will be disbanded.

    To avoid running into difficulties (for example, the 10th member decided to Leave), we advise Guilds to maintain at least 15 members at all time.

Guild System (How Things Work)

  • Only Active Guilds may utilize the GuildCP Discussion Board.
  • Only members of an Active Guild may put on their Guild Tag in-game.
  • A Guild can be Suspended for up to one week. If the problem that led to the suspension remains unresolved, the Guild will be disbanded.
  • A Guild Leader will not lose Leadership when his/her Gold subscription expires. The Guild itself will remain Active as well. However in the near future, we may limit certain functions in the GuildCP if the Guild Leader does not renew his/her subscription.
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