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April 8th
Graal Kingdoms - Easter 2012
Graal Kingdoms


For more information, check this forum thread.

March 3rd
Graal Kingdoms - Day of the Sun
Graal Kingdoms


Every year the Cult of the Sun performs a ritual to bring warmth and life back to the barren, frozen world. Without performing the required rites, the world will be engulfed in an eternal sheet of ice and snow. Also during this time the Sun’s entity, the Bringer of the Sun transcends to earth from the heavens to lead the ritual. For the first half the ritual was carrying on impeccably with no interruptions. In the final moments of the ritual, the Bringer of the Sun is at its most vulnerable state. Nearly completing, we were ambushed by a powerful unknown force. Most of our priests and initiates were slain in an instant. Amidst the chaos, I laid eyes upon a power figure emitting an aura as powerful as the freezing winter itself. That’s when I knew who we were facing; The Vile Ice King and his legion of forgotten frost. The horrendous figure strikes down the Bringer of the sun in one fell swoop. Before losing consciousness, I see the entity taking something from the Bringer of the sun....

The event will run on Saturday, March 3rd between 0000 - 0300 Server Time. For more information please click here

December 25th
Coming Soon: Christmas on Graal Kingdoms
Graal Kingdoms


July 24th
Dustari Spar Tournament Winner!
Graal Kingdoms


Congratulations to Storm Leonhart (StormYs) who won the Dustari Spar tournament defeating General Richard Disraeli, Archknight Hovan Rayleigh and Chancellor Leonidus Rayleigh on his way to winning the Shield of Dustari.

May 28th
Graal Kingdoms - Spar Tournament
Graal Kingdoms


On Sunday, May 29th we will be bringing our very special days of events to an end, but I assure you we will be ending the festivities in spectacular fashion. Last Saturday was a huge success and we expect more of the same this Sunday. Headlining the day will be two events which you simple can't miss! Two massive spar tournaments are scheduled for the day with some very exceptional prizes. Our elusive Events Admin is being tight-lipped on the Magic Tournament but you can find out more about the Archery here. Including the rather remarkable prize that is up for grabs.

From the Global News Team, and Graal Kingdoms staff, Good luck! And have fun.

May 13th
Graal Kingdoms - Days of Events
Graal Kingdoms


On Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 29th, we will be hosting a range of exciting events with some extremely valuable prizes up for grabs. The events will vary from spars, to races. Musical Chairs, to Lucky Altars, so expect to see the return of some old favorites as well, as the debut of some new, original events. And best of all, the prizes are going to be bigger than ever.

The events will begin at 2:00 PM EST, and they will start to end by 5:00 PM EST.

You don't want to miss out on this very special occasion, so log onto Graal Kingdoms to take part in the festivities!

Note: for more information, click here.

May 8th
Graal Kingdoms - Zormite Victorious!
Graal Kingdoms


At 2:00 Eastern time, two glorious kingdoms engaged in a battle like no over we've seen. Both sides fought valiantly, without mercy, and with a well driven desire to win. After a heated battle causing casualties on both sides, it looked like Samurai was going to come out on top having dealt critical amounts of damage to their opponents core. However, Zormite managed to regroup and launch a relentless attack on Samurai, and their victory proved that strong leadership and teamwork always prevails. With Zormite emerging victorious and Samurai liberated from a its tyrannical leader... who knows what will come of the once so powerful kingdom? All that is certain is that the kingdom is under Zormite's influence... at least for now.

May 8th
Graal Kingdoms - The War is on: Zormite vs. Samurai!
Graal Kingdoms


At 2:00 Eastern, on May 8, 2011, great battles will be fought between the people of Zormite and Samurai!

It is Zormite's belief that Samurai has been taunting them as of late, and now the two kingdoms are engulfed in war. Zormite is prepared to do whatever it takes to put a stop to Samurai, for they believe that their only goal is world domination and that they wish to be the only kingdom alive in the world. But Samurai knows deep in their hearts that they have nothing to worry about, for they will undoubtedly emerge victorious from the upcoming battle. But who will you support? Which side will you take? Log onto Graal Kingdoms to take part in the bloodbath that is sure to determine the fate of both kingdoms, as well as the rest of the server!

April 24th
Happy Easter from Graal Kingdoms
Graal Kingdoms


Happy Easter from the Graal Kingdoms team! For more information on this years' event, check our forum thread!

October 31st
Graal Kingdoms - Halloween
Graal Kingdoms


Outside of the trade building, a strange old ghostly man has appeared, and he is fading in and out of existence. He has some unfinished business and he needs you to complete it for him. Should you accept his task and succeed, he will reward you with one of his cherished treasures...






Dustari Wedding!


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