Graal Kingdoms is an adventurous massively multi player online roleplaying experience. Explore 3-D terrain in a 2-D environment, while battling monsters, forging friendships, and collecting treasures.

Interact with in-game characters and creatures, role play and chat with other players from around the world. Graal Kingdoms allows players to become a part of the story. Players can build houses, protect kingdoms, battle in tournaments, compete in events, and much more!

Graal Kingdoms goes beyond the norm, with a growing community and new and exciting features being added all the time. Players can do odd jobs, tame and own pets, battle monsters, form groups with other players, and make their own items and weapons. An important part of Graal Kingdoms, is the great amount of communication that is possible in the game. Through live chatting onscreen, to sending private messages, and even mailing other players letters to their online homes! Battling is action-packed, with a wide variety of weapons and an even wider variety of magic spells. The large assortment of items can be organized from the easy to use drag and drop inventory system. Players can choose from a selection of classes such as Warrior, Sorcerer, Thieves, Barbarians, and even Priests!

Graal Kingdoms is a graal Gold server that requires a Gold Account or a VIP Account to play.

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The graphics in Graal Kingdoms are a fine blend of 2-D artwork and 3-D artwork, meshed together to form a unique experience unlike any other. Graphics are highly detailed, colourful, and creative. From boats and houses, to trees and monsters, Graal Kingdoms provides a visual treat for the player.

Graal Kingdoms is one of the most advanced Graal servers online, and differs from other servers in many ways, primarily in its integration with the mudlib from the Crossfire game.



Players can work many different jobs in order to advance further into the game. Mining for gems and other supplies to craft into your own goods. Become a farmer and farm crops to bake into culinary delights. You can even become a lumberjack and plant trees to chop down and turn into wood that can be crafted into many useable items. Craft a fishing rod and build a ship to become a fisherman. You can also try your luck as tradesman. Travel around the world to collect and buy items from all islands to sell or trade them away to people from other islands. Whatever you want to become, you have the possibilities to realize it!

Houses and Fortifications

If you plan on settling down, why not build yourself a home? Mine stones and build walls, chop trees to get wood for the roof, until your new house is complete! Then once your home is built, gather up some furniture and decorate your indoor area in any way you'd like. Your house can even include a mailbox, in which you can receive letters and even items from players! You can also open your own shop to sell goods you produced to earn some money. Or just make some big party together with your friends. To keep out all unwanted visitors, you can construct fortification pillars around your land. But be careful, as pillars can be destroyed! Create your own garden around your house where you will be able to plant flowers, trees and other nice things to give everything a nice look.

To build a House you need:

1)A Houseflag (100P) and the Kingdom King that make your Houseflag to a Houseground.

2) 150 Boards.

3) 300 Nails.

4) 90 Stones.

5) 5 Logs

Here is there order to build the house once your house flag turns into a

Logs -> Stones -> Board w/nails. (2 Nails per board)

Role Player System

Graal Kingdoms has a massive role playing engine to allow an exciting experiences. Hundreds of items, loads of weapons, and a large array of magical spells and prayers allow for an unique role playing environment. Different items allow for different statistical effects to your base stats, enabling every player to strengthen their character with bigger and better items and weapons. A large assortment of items can be mixed together to create other items by using alchemy. Pick clothes from a big assortment or submit your ones to customize your outfit. Take part in role playing events and have lots of fun. Join one of five Kingdoms and undergo a great role playing experience in a nation together with friends. Making for fun experimentation and surprising results!

Interaction between Players

Players can interact with each other in many ways. Through weekly tournaments and events like shipwars, mazes, role playing events, trivia events, quiz events and much more. Even in mini-games, such as kart racing, zorbi burst, metris, ice hockey and soccer players can interact with each other. Also every kingdom organises partys and big events which are used to give special kingdomitems to the winner. Players can group with others to form parties in order to take on large quests or battle monsters in dungeons, mazes and haunted houses. Screenshots submission and news announce winners of events and competitions so every player can have a chance to be recognized.

Dungeons and Monster fighting

Players can travel through dark and eerie dungeons that have many twists, turns, and dead ends. Monsters of all shapes and sizes lurk through the corridors awaiting any challenger that crosses their path. By defeating monsters, players gain fighting experience which is used to gain levels to grow stronger. Battling monsters also allows for players to earn treasure from their victories. Monsters have different patterns of attack and come in many shapes and sizes, so beware!

Animals and Pets

There is a variety of animals that roam the lands in Graal Kingdoms. Some of these animals can be fed and tamed to follow you and much more. If you have a horse, you can feed it and ride it for faster travel over the land. You can even add armor to your horse to protect it during battles. Pets can also help to lighten the load by carrying some of your heavy goods.


Dream of travelling the seas? In Graal Kingdoms, it's possible! With enough effort and wood, you can build a grand ship and sail around the world! Gather a crew together and explore the vast sea, or search for passing ships to destroy with your cannons! Ships can be damaged to the point of sinking, but they can also be repaired. You'll need to find a good crew to take on the rough waters!


Players can buy, sell, trade, and equip their items and weapons with the help of an easy to use inventory system. The inventory features drag and drop capabilities that allow the player to drop items on the ground or into bags or other containers they are carrying. The inventory displays currently worn items such as armour, rings, and amulets, cloaks, along with the character's stats and items. It also gives informations about your characters stats, experience and resistance.


Players can choose to join one of five Kingdoms. Each Kingdom is unique with it's own island, background information, and design. Players can take part in Kingdom events, wars, tournaments, and much more. Every Kingdom has a style of it's own, which allows the player to choose what style best suits them. Players can take on the role of a Kingdom member and even climb the ranks for a high position in the Kingdom. Become a defender for your Kingdom and wage war with other Kingdoms for honour and glory!

There are five different kingdoms on Graal Kingdoms.


Zormite is a kingdom that was recently taken over by drows but has recently be restored to proper leadership. The current king is Drakeero.


Dustari is a monarchy based off of medieval times. The current king is Packratia.


Forest is a nature-based kingdom. Its houses are formed out of trees. The current king is DraxxTeazok.


Pirates is a kingdom that has a large navy and a rather small land army. The current king is MadScience7.


Samurai is a kingdom based on feudal Japan and it's traditions. It's houses have distinctive paper walls and pagoda roofs. The current king is Schnukelmaus.


Peaceful Life

Life in the Graalian world was peaceful. People built towns, and mined the land of its riches. Farmers planted happily, making sure to water their plants for the upcoming Sylvester.

Merchants sold goods in the streets, as men on horseback patrolled the area for thieves. The people enjoyed the warmth of the day, as the Bomy Moons approached. The world seemed to be in perfect balance.

Preparing for Danger

The world was unprepared for what was about to happen. Sightings of a large meteor were taking place all over the land. Scholars revealed that it wasn't a meteor, but a moon. For many years, the Suns of the Bomy planet had passed near the land. Sometimes, the Suns would pass right over one another. Causing a Sylvester, that heated the Graalian world with bright red intensity.

However, something had went wrong. The Bomy Moon became disaligned from the planet, and was hurdling towards the peaceful world of Graal.

All the Graalians could do was prepare for the worst. The Moon crashed heavily into the sea, causing massive tidal waves to wash over the land. It appeared that the damage had been done... but it was just beginning...

Worldly Changes

The impact of the Moon caused devastating underground destruction. Underwater volcanoes became active from the intense earthquake, causing islands to emerge from the sea. Lava became hard as stone quickly after being engulfed in water. Clouds of ash arose from the water and into the sky.

The tidal waves began to subside, and the half-submerged Moon could be seen in the middle of the land.

Unwelcome Visitors

Approaching the Moon, Graalians witnessed what appeared to be movement on it's surface.

Bomies began to emerge from the craters. When the alien bomies looked around the land, they became enraged. They discovered that their own Bomy race, were being treated like Graalian pets. This caused anger in the alien bomies, and they immediately began to attack the Graalians. The people fought valiantly to save their home. After a long battle, it appeared that the alien bomies had been defeated.

Turn for the Worst

Knowing that they were outnumbered and beaten, the alien bomies enslaved the minds of the small creatures and plants on the land. Seemingly harmless plants and animals began attacking the Graalians. The people had no choice but to retreat. There was little hope left for them, as they quickly fled the island on ships from every shore. They left, knowing that they would return later, to retaliate this assualt. They sailed for what seemed like forever, until they finally found land...

Final Hope

Five islands were discovered by the Graalian people as they approached the shores. The people decided to rebuild their lives on these new islands. They built towns and ports, houses and shops. Soon, they had decided to reclaim the land they had lost. Kingdoms were formed on each island, in an effort to prepare for the approaching battle. These Kingdoms became known as Dustari, Forest, Pirate, Samurai, and Zormite. Each kingdom built armies and castles in preparation for war. It appeared that hope was once again restored in the people of the new lands...

Destiny Awaits

Time is running out... The alien bomies are also building up their civilization. The crashing of the moon has awakened evil deep within the world. It won't be long before the evil spreads to take your land for its own. You must help reclaim the island that was once called home.

Staff Contacts / Support

Additionally to the staffs listed below you can also use the support center to get help.



Björn is Player Manager of Graal Kingdoms.

Can be contacted via:

He can mostly be found on Graal Kingdoms, Kingdoms Debug, Zone and Atlantis.


Sam is Admin of Graal Kingdoms.

Can be contacted via:

  • Forum PM: Sam

He can mostly be found on Graal Kingdoms.

Events Masters

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