Peaceful Life

" The world was unprepared for what was about to happen... "

Life in the Graalian world was peaceful. People built towns, and mined the land of its riches. Farmers planted happily, making sure to water their plants for the upcoming Sylvester.

Merchants sold goods in the streets, as men on horseback patrolled the area for thieves. The people enjoyed the warmth of the day, as the Bomy Moons approached. The world seemed to be in perfect balance.

Preparing for Danger

The world was unprepared for what was about to happen. Sightings of a large meteor were taking place all over the land. Scholars revealed that it wasn't a meteor, but a moon. For many years, the Suns of the Bomy planet had passed near the land. Sometimes, the Suns would pass right over one another. Causing a Sylvester, that heated the Graalian world with bright red intensity.

However, something had went wrong. The Bomy Moon became disaligned from the planet, and was hurdling towards the peaceful world of Graal.

All the Graalians could do was prepare for the worst. The Moon crashed heavily into the sea, causing massive tidal waves to wash over the land. It appeared that the damage had been done... but it was just beginning...

Worldly Changes

" Clouds of ash arose from the water and into the sky "

The impact of the Moon caused devastating underground destruction. Underwater volcanoes became active from the intense earthquake, causing islands to emerge from the sea. Lava became hard as stone quickly after being engulfed in water. Clouds of ash arose from the water and into the sky.

The tidal waves began to subside, and the half-submerged Moon could be seen in the middle of the land.

Unwelcome Visitors

Approaching the Moon, Graalians witnessed what appeared to be movement on it's surface.

Bomies began to emerge from the craters. When the alien bomies looked around the land, they became enraged. They discovered that their own Bomy race, were being treated like Graalian pets. This caused anger in the alien bomies, and they immediately began to attack the Graalians. The people fought valiantly to save their home. After a long battle, it appeared that the alien bomies had been defeated.

Turn for the Worst

" There was little hope left for them "

Knowing that they were outnumbered and beaten, the alien bomies enslaved the minds of the small creatures and plants on the land. Seemingly harmless plants and animals began attacking the Graalians. The people had no choice but to retreat. There was little hope left for them, as they quickly fled the island on ships from every shore. They left, knowing that they would return later, to retaliate this assualt. They sailed for what seemed like forever, until they finally found land...

Final Hope

Five islands were discovered by the Graalian people as they approached the shores. The people decided to rebuild their lives on these new islands. They built towns and ports, houses and shops. Soon, they had decided to reclaim the land they had lost. Kingdoms were formed on each island, in an effort to prepare for the approaching battle. These Kingdoms became known as Dustari, Forest, Pirate, Samurai, and Zormite. Each kingdom built armies and castles in preparation for war. It appeared that hope was once again restored in the people of the new lands...

Destiny Awaits

" Time is running out... "

Time is running out... The alien bomies are also building up their civilization. The crashing of the moon has awakened evil deep within the world. It won't be long before the evil spreads to take your land for its own. You must help reclaim the island that was once called home.

Join forces with a kingdom, master your skills, and take back what is yours!

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