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  1. Quests and Special Events

    The running of events and quests can sometimes accommodate only a few players at a time. To allow as many players as possible to enjoy it, GraalOnline may run the same quest more than once. Because of this, if you participate in a quest, please do not discuss the details of the puzzles with other players, because this can decrease their own enjoyment of it when their turn comes around. Also, please do not broadcast puzzle solutions or other spoilers over general means of communication, such as the ESP network, or the public Message Board topics.

    Event and Quest participants who are being disruptive may be removed from the quest. Examples of disruptive behavior are: Not responding to Event Manager commands, criticizing the event/quest or the people involved or actively preventing other players from progressing.
  2. Quest/Events: Giving Away Spoilers

    Also, there will always be players who have participated in an event/quest before, and therefore already know tricks, shortcuts or hidden functions. Generally, GraalOnline encourages players to communicate with each other. Many quests are designed for multiple players who need to communicate in order to accomplish the quest. Some quests, however, are designed to let participating players discover hidden objects. In these cases, experienced players should not communicate this sensitive information or knowledge to others. This will ruin the challenge of the event and create unfair advantages for certain players. However, communicating where a hidden quest starts or how, during a quest, players can avoid 'baddies' by taking an alternative route ARE NOT necessarily detrimental to the quest. Because there are many 'grey areas' in the completion of events and quests, if a player is NOT SURE if communicating tricks, shortcuts or hidden functions will be harmful to gameplay, it is better to be silent. Interpretation of good and bad communications is the sole discretion of the GraalOnline staff.

    For the case when quests include 'secret' information, knowledge of which will spoil the participant's experience, players who want to start an event or quest should also not solicit 'spoilers' from other players via Mass Messages. Both Players spoilers and players looking for spoilers may be banned from events. Determination of what is and is not disruptive behavior, and/or banning or removal of a event/quest participant, is entirely at the discretion of the Event Master running the event/quest.
  3. Quests/Events: Participant Limits

    Some quests have a limited capacity. GraalOnline makes no guarantee that everyone who shows up for a quest will be able to participate. Most quests will be run again at a later date, but GraalOnline makes no guarantee of the frequency of these quests, or that any particular player will be guaranteed the right to participate in any of them.

    GraalOnline is not required to give warning that an event/quest will be run. Some are announced ahead of time, while others are run spontaneously.
  4. Quests/Events: Prizes

    Awards are frequently given out at the end of quests and other events. There is no guarantee, however, that a player's participation in an event/quest will guarantee an award. Even though a player may have contributed to the solution of a puzzle, or roleplayed well, his or her actions at those times may not be monitored. GraalOnline is not required to monitor the behavior of all quest participants.
  5. Score Lists

    GraalOnline is the sole judge of the accuracy of any high score lists and other event score listings. An announcement by GraalOnline as to the winners of an event, is final.

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