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  1. Game Staff

    The staff of GraalOnline, from Administrators to FAQ team to LAT team to Police, are often online to help players who have genuine problems with game play. Players must realise that complaints for issues related to general gameplay detract the Staff's ability to help others in genuine need.

    Because GraalOnline is available for users in across the world and through many time zones, Staff members may not always be online or available in real-time to help with issues. In such instances, subscribing players are to use the Graal Forum to report their problems to the appropriate staff. GraalOnline Staff will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible.
  2. Game Content Updates

    GraalOnline reserves the right to make modifications to any and all game content and rules at any time, without notice. GraalOnline has the responsibility to preserve the balance of the game for the majority of the players. Therefore, GraalOnline will routinely add new content, rules, modify existing rules, and even go back and change new content that did not function as expected. These changes can impact your character in a variety of ways. If you feel that the change unfairly penalizes your character, or your character type, given the requirements of balance, challenge, and the general good of the game, then you may make your views known to GraalOnline via GraalOnline Forum. It should be understood, however, that GraalOnline maintains a longer range view which may be in conflict with short-term and character-specific interests, but GraalOnline will always attempt to make the best decision for the overall good of the game.
  3. Delays / Slowdowns

    GraalOnline Server and Backend is designed to provide optimal network efficiency. Our servers are designed NOT to disadvantage players with slow connections. We also make efforts to ensure network slowdowns are not a result of GraalOnline Server-side components. However, some network delay is a normal consequence of playing a game with hundreds or thousands of simultaneously connections over the Internet. Delays are typically only a few seconds, but may occasionally be longer. Additionally, some delays may affect only one player, because he or she is having problems with a local network node. GraalOnline reserves the right of final judgment as to the verification of any slowdown-related claims.
  4. Competitive Events

    While there are a wide variety of events and quests found in GraalOnline worlds, some events pit player versus player, or teams of players versus other teams. All players must agree that there are elements of combat and competitive events in GraalOnline. Through either their experience or their accumulated player attributes and weapons, some players will have competitive advantages over others. This is part of normal gameplay. It is not acceptable, however, for such advantaged players to repeatedly prey upon weaker players or 'newbies'. Such 'stalking' of weak players or newbies may be in violation of GraalOnline policy.

    This does NOT give player who are victims in combat the right to complain to Police each time they are killed. There are many "grey areas" in terms of defining what is acceptable competition, and what is abusive behaviour. GraalOnline will almost always stay out of player conflicts. However, when player activities create a disruptive influence on GraalOnline in general, the participants will be warned. GraalOnline reserves the right to determine which behaviours are considered abusive.

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